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Cruises are not just for old people!

What is a cruise all about?

Cruising these days is a excellent way to travel the world in style. The ships that you travel on are amazing and there are so many brilliant destinations to travel to. Cruises these days often have lots of families are on board, due to the excellent creche facilities and flexible eating arrangements. There are also quite a few hen parties and weddings on board too. If you did not know the captain marries you when you are out at sea! The sail-away parties are amazing!


Cruise ships are amazing! How does something so large not sink!! I am amazed how they are maneuvered in small ports and narrow shipping lanes. Cruising into Venice was really tricky as the canals are quite shallow and the ship nearly touches the bottom, so no mean feat for the crew. Some of the largest ships can have 4,000 guests and 1,500 crew to tend to your every need. The rooms are tended to twice a day, and you receive daily news papers with details of where you are visiting, as well as information about what is happening on board, any deals or information. There are often dry cleaning and internet access offers, to take advantage of. With regards to dining, for breakfast and lunch there is casual buffet dining. In the evening there is the choice of casual dining, or a more formal dinner every evening, as well as specialist restaurants.

Some of the fab places I have visited

How else can you visit so many places in one go?


Starting in Barbados, the port is opposite the cricket ground. Such a lovely view when you board the ship. A lot of the Caribbean islands are quite poor, so you need to either be careful where you visit on your own or go on an tour organised by the cruise ship. There are some amazing islands to see such as Antigua, Barbados, Saint Martin, or Grenada. Tax free shopping is a must in the Caribbean. Make sure you fill your case (within the legal guidelines of course!)



Central America

Again, similar to the Caribbean there are some poor places, however visiting Columbia, seeing the amazing site that is the Panama canal in action, and visiting the most beautiful beaches of Grand Cayman makes this an amazing trip.


A trip to Bruges is short, just a couple of days from Southampton. Bruges is a lovely place to visit, some gorgeous buildings to see and of course beers and chocolates to taste!

Italy & Greece

Greece has so many wonderful islands to see, where do you start? We visited Crete, and Santorini which were amazing. In Italy we visited the amazing island of Capri, and the cruise was completed by sailing into Venice.


On board there is so much to do, from swimming to sunbathing, from the gym to the sauna, and a running track. There is a casino, a nightclub, lots of bars, cafes & restaurants, shops and a gallery. Each ship always has a beautiful atrium as a central point. This is where the Captain's drinks are normally held one evening of the cruise. Other activities vary from cruise ship to cruise ship, some have bungee jumps, go-carts or sky rides.


On board, it is five star luxury. Rooms vary from single/double inside cabins to suites with a view. If you are prone to sea sickness the lower cabins are better for you. The first couple of days are disorientating as the ships are so large with so many floors, and one wrong turn you can be walking for what seems like an eternity until you can find a lift or the stairs to get to where you need to. Thankfully you get a map!


What is so great is that you get to do whatever you want as there is so much choice, and there are lots of opportunity to see so many places in a short space of time. That way you can choose whether you go back somewhere, or whether it is just a tick on the bucket list!


The best trip so far!

My most favourite sailing experience was sailing from the sea up through the canal into Venice. What amazing views, and the best way to arrive in Venice by far!
The views are breathtaking! When you leave Venice by bus/car the views towards the airport are disappointing. I just wish we could have left the city the same way that we arrived.

By far the best ship I have been on was a Celebrity ship; it was amazing. I saw it one once while on another ship, and had ship envy!! I must admit that I enjoy the Britishness of P&O ships with a sail away waving Union Jacks.

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Why I am not a baby shower person

What are my thoughts on this?

I chose not to hold a baby shower before I had my little one, and I am also not a fan of attending other people's baby showers here are the reasons why:

  • The games are often really tacky, boring and repetitive, as there is only so much you can do, there is little variety
  • Pretty much 99% of the conversation is about babies, whuch can be so dull, especially if you do not have or do not want children. You attend to support a friend of family member but are bored rigid, thinking surely these people have more in their lives...
  • I am not convinced you should celebrate an impending life/lives until they are here safe and sound. Unfortunately, I know many people who have lost babies at full term, so why jinx this?
  • Everyone gets to drink alcohol to celebrate, but you cannot have any yet...
  • It gets a bit competitive with gift opening, not great if people are on a low budget, it can be quite awkward, even though every gift is thoughtful, it is not great when some gifts are extravagant
  • The whole thing is too American for me! I think they were are novelty that are dying out now, I have not heard of many mums-to-be of recent that are holding baby showers.


Is there any fun to be had?

Yes, there is cake!!!

I did go to a baby shower once that was a bit different, there was a fab game with lots of nappies with melted chocolate in them. They all looked like pooey nappies! The game was to sniff each nappy and guess the chocolate. It was definitely much better than smelling poop!!

Some people choose to have a baby shower, which is of course personal choice. This blog is entirely made up of my own thoughts and opinions.