What is Kicks Count all about?

Kicks count is a charity that helps to save babies lives and prevent late miscarriage, by raising awareness of babies movements. The UK has a ridiculoulsy high number of stillbirths and neonatal deaths, and alarmingly is the third worst in developed the world. Interestingly a similar campaign to kicks count in Norway had an excellent result, and the aim is that the UK can follow suit with higher awareness.

I first saw the wrist band on Surprise Surprise with Holly Willoughby, the charity was supported by Alesha Dixon. I thought the band was a great idea. For only £3.50 this is a small price to pay for your baby to arrive safely into the world. Having such busy lives, and in my case a manic, job I used to ensure there were a similar amount of kicks each day. It does not measure the pattern of the kicks but you will recognise this yourselves. It did make me feel comfortable that movement was fairly consistent each day. There is even a free app that you can record them on. Being the geek that I am, I liked the graphs!!

The wrist band comes in a few colours, and is easy to use; it has numbers and you move the guage each time you feel a kick, simple and easy to do while at work, or out and about.  The wrist band has won a few awards which is great! I would endorse it myself too!


The Verdict

I used my band from around 26 weeks (third trimester).  I have a really busy role, and travelled a lot with work as well as socialising a lot, so this wrist band was great for me to monitor how many kicks. I also had an awareness of the pattern of movements of my baby too, alongside this! The app was great so I could see the rough numbers each day, and see the increase in movements as my baby grew bigger.  It made me feel happy and chilled out that everything was okay.  My baby arrived safe and sound so I am happy to recommend the wristband and app.

If you are unsure about the kicks wriggle around to get your baby moving or eat/drink something sugary, to get the baby moving. 

If at any point you are worried about your baby's movements, ALWAYS call your midwife or go to your maternity centre.

To find out more about kicks count, visit their website: http://www.kickscount.org.uk/

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