Why write this post?

Well if you are anything like me, you like a clean house, but hate doing it, and do not have enough time with a social life, family and work. I thought I would therefore, share my hacks to speeding up your jobs!  Plus if you like the good things in life, but they are pricey try some of my other hacks!


House Work Hacks

Cleaning the shower

If you are anything like me, I like to clean it thoroughly, all the walls etc, but cleaning it down can be quite messy and you can get wet, so why not clean the shower while you are in it?! I do that way I save time by showering myself and cleaning it out, and then I do not get my clothes wet!

Cleaning the carpet

Use white vinegar with a carpet cleaning machine, such as vax to remove dirt and odours, it will get rid of all food and drink out of your carpet and make sure there is no mould left in your carpets. For small stains that you want to remove quickly, just use water and washing up liquid.

Shiny chrome fixtures and appliances

If you have chrome curtain poles, light switches, oven, microwave, kettle etc like I do, you can see all your finger prints all over them! I make them shiney again with a little bit of baby oil.

Speed up your ironing

If you have shirts to iron, make sure you hang them on hangers as soon as they come out of the washing machine, this will make them much easier to iron.

Unblock clogged plug holes/drains

You can spend a fortune on expensive drain unblockers, when this is unncessary.  Pour bicarbonate of soda, and then vinegar in roughly equal amounts doen the plug hole, leave for 5 minutes, and hey presto - unblocked!

Clean your chopping board and microwave with lemons!

Yes, its true, you can clean a chopping board with lemons to make sure all of the dirt and smells come out of all of the lines where you have been chopping.  You can also get rid of food smells from your microwave by putting lemons or lemon juice in it and then microwave for 5 minutes. You then have a fresh smelling microwave!

In additon, you can freshen up your fridge by leaving lemons in it too to get rid of the strong food smells!

Get rid of moths

Do you hate when your favourite top has a little hole in it from those pesky moths?! Hang small lavender bags in your wardrobe, and have some lavender plants in your house to get rid of them.


Shopping Hacks

Make your own Real Lemonade

Buy some bottles of sparkling water and add some lemon cordial and hey presto! Easy peasy, and tastes yum, so cheap, and no expensive premade bottles or juice mixers required!

Reduce the number of sponges you buy

Sick of buying sponges or forgotten to buy some new ones?  Blast them in the microwave on a high setting to remove any bacteria!

Discounted food items

Having worked in a supermarket myself, I know that the items going out of date, are discounted at 7pm each evening, so make sure you are there ready to bag a bargain! You can then freeze all of the items.

Money off coupons

The best bargains, are the first time you use a home delivery service with each supermarket, so even if you do not use the service again, some of the introductory offers with the money you save are worth it!

Restaurant Hacks

Free birthday dinners

Sign up to the email communications of your favourite restuarants, many of them off free meals, discounts or bottles of wine/drinks for your special day, plus you often get a couple of weeks to use them so you can try a few!

Best restaurant discounts

The best deals, are when many people cannot afford to eat out, yes you guessed...January. If you do have some spare cash, you can eat like a king and hardly spend anything!

Doggy bags

If you like big value meals, or afternoon tea's many places have boxes so you can take the remainder of your meal home with you to eat another time! Great news that the food will not go to waste, and one less meal to worry about.


Follow your favourite restuarants, pubs and bars on social media sites such as facebook and instagram and enter all of their competitions for free meals.