Why write this post?

I have mixed feeling about what is fun for me and baby. I feel that although the activities are primarily aimed at babies and toddlers, for me it needs to be of interest for us to get ready and leave the house. If it is boring, I lose interest really easily. The good things about stay and play sessions, are that the cost is normally really cheap and better value if you take more than one child, there are normally refreshments which is great, as you do not need to remember your own then! It is also a good way to meet other parents and grandparents, to chat and share experiences. Another bonus is that you pay each time you go, so you do not need to sign up to a course or term. Some of the toys are new and different for my little one to play with and some are similar to what we have already at home.

On the Fence

The reason why I am on the fence is that some weeks there is no-one interesting to talk to, or there are not many babies in the baby area, so no-one for my little one to interact with either. This can mean that the hour and half that they normally last for can be really boring! As the sessions are non-commital it is hard to know who will turn up from week to week, until you become matey with someone, I will not ask for their number, so I just hope the nice ones with be there!

The reason that I go is that I really want my baby to be good at interesting with other children nicely, sharing toys etc and gain social skills from an early age.

One thing that does bother me is that I am not sure how often the toys are cleaned.  One thing that I cannot abide is people who wear their shoes on the baby mats. I really believe people should take them off as shoes can spread germs.