Stay and Play – mixed feelings


Taking your baby swimming

Why choose baby swimming lessons?

One of the most important life skills is for everyone to learn to swim. It is a well known fact that the younger you learn a skill, the quicker you pick it up, hence the popularity of baby swimming classes. 
After 6 weeks of classes my little one can hold onto the edge of the pool, swim under water for a few seconds by herself, kick and splash the water, and fall into the pool with confidence, so I am one happy mummy!

My little one loves her classes and I am happy about this as it is one of the best things I can do for her...


Choosing the right classes for your baby.

The classes are only short as babies get tired easily, so although I had my heart set on some classes, I realised that for 30 mins, it makes sense to go as local to home as possible.

I am happy with the classes that I have chosen, as the groups are small, and the pool is really warm. We sing songs at the start and end of class, so that the babies can learn to kick and splash etc with a bit of fun, and each week there is a different theme and different props for the little ones. What I also like is that there is a consistency each week with our teacher, and the language used is consistent for the babies to pick up their skills and grow in confidence.

How to make it easier?

We all get dressed in our swimmers before we leave the house, that way we only need to take our clothes off when we get to the pool. We take the minimum of clothes etc with us, and take clothes that we can pull on easily after the class.


BilinguaSing baby classes

About BilinguaSing

I am one of the most skeptical people when it comes to baby classes, however, I discovered BilinguaSing. I looked at their website, and saw that the concept was award winning, which is great! I really wanted to do a singing/music class with my little one, and I have always wanted to learn Spanish, so this is perfect! The purpose of the classes are that they combine singing with learning a language. The songs are very memorable, and you find yourself singing along to them all the time!! It is well known that babies and toddles that hear foreign speech, or speak foreign languages are more likely to have a higher IQ, as well as heightened creativity, better communication skills, wider vocabulary, enhanced memory and focus and multi-tasking skills‚Äč.


In fact, speaking to someone recently, who undertakes child studies at Warwick uni, was pleased when I told him my five month old was attending these classes, and wanted us to join his studies, of course we signed up!

The BilinguaSing classes are for babies aged from 4 weeks up until children aged 11, these are as follows:
• Newborn babies
• Mobile babies
• Toddler and pre-school
• Nurseries and pre-schools
• Primary school

About our classes

Our class lead, Emma is really personable, and great with babies.  The classes are nice small groups, so plenty of interaction with Emma, they also vary each week, and it is great that the songs that we sing are different to all of the classic nursery rhymes. I like the variety of songs and the interations that the babies have with sensory items such as puppets and bubbles. In addition, each song is sung in English, and then in Spanish, such a great way for parents and babies to learn another language. Each class is 45 minutes long, with a drink and biscuit at the end, and chance to chat to the other mums.

Each we the babies are introduced to each other and we say bye too! This encourages social interaction between the children; which is great! The activity with each song varies, to make it a great learning experience, such as sensory, toys, massage, bubbles, stars. We really love the classes, and for £72 a term for 12 classes its pretty good value for money, as some play groups charge a £4 entrance fee.


Additional Learning

You can also buy books and cds that support the learning process. We bought a starter pack with a book, crib sheet with pronunciations and a CD. The books are both in English and Spanish. The CD is great, we (I!) sing along in the car. The CD is great as the words come with the CD.

Here is a link to their website:

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