What are antenatal classes?

These are classes either run by your local health authority or NCT, and they run through the preparing for birth, giving birth, and what happens after birth. They are normally a number of sessions for you and your partner/friend to attend. There is a lot of detail around coping with the pain of birth, what your birth supports role is, different positions for labour, what happens in an emergency.

Why I decided that these classes were not for me!

I knew that I was having a ceasarian section for a long time during my pregnancy. When researching the content of the antenatal classes before booking and asking friends what they thought I decided to give them a wide berth. Why? I hear you ask!

• Some friends said that they did not meet anyone worth keeping in touch with, the courses are quite a few hours, often after work, when lets face it at 30 weeks you are too tired to go to classes after work that will teach you nothing

• The key for me was nothing, nothing about a c-section at all, but plenty about breathing and natural labour

• The classes mainly focus on naturals birthing, with breathing techniques, positions etc

• Some providers charge a lot of money for the classes

• I cannot understand why they do not teach you how to make a bottle (albeit taboo) or change a nappy?! I recently saw that NCT run some post natal classes which cover some of these aspects, however at which point you have learned anyway as you have no choice!

This is entirely my own thoughts, and in many cases people have felt that the classes are right for them.