What are my thoughts on this?

I chose not to hold a baby shower before I had my little one, and I am also not a fan of attending other people's baby showers here are the reasons why:

  • The games are often really tacky, boring and repetitive, as there is only so much you can do, there is little variety
  • Pretty much 99% of the conversation is about babies, whuch can be so dull, especially if you do not have or do not want children. You attend to support a friend of family member but are bored rigid, thinking surely these people have more in their lives...
  • I am not convinced you should celebrate an impending life/lives until they are here safe and sound. Unfortunately, I know many people who have lost babies at full term, so why jinx this?
  • Everyone gets to drink alcohol to celebrate, but you cannot have any yet...
  • It gets a bit competitive with gift opening, not great if people are on a low budget, it can be quite awkward, even though every gift is thoughtful, it is not great when some gifts are extravagant
  • The whole thing is too American for me! I think they were are novelty that are dying out now, I have not heard of many mums-to-be of recent that are holding baby showers.


Is there any fun to be had?

Yes, there is cake!!!

I did go to a baby shower once that was a bit different, there was a fab game with lots of nappies with melted chocolate in them. They all looked like pooey nappies! The game was to sniff each nappy and guess the chocolate. It was definitely much better than smelling poop!!

Some people choose to have a baby shower, which is of course personal choice. This blog is entirely made up of my own thoughts and opinions.