About the Island

I love the fact that you can visit the canary islands all year round, with it being fairly warm, in winter. My favourite of the islands is Fuerteventura, as it is the least busy! My favourite resort on the island is Caleta de Fuste; just a short drive (around 10 minutes) from the airport, you can be off the plane and in resort within the hour! I normally go in early spring or in autumn as the temperatures are a bit cooler. The canary islands are quite windy, so great in the day to keep cooler, however be careful not to burn! At night, the winds can make it a little chilly so cardigans and/coats can be useful, and in the winter months enclosed shoes.


A bit more about Caleta

Caleta has had a lot on money spent on it in the last few years, with an upgraded marina area, and costal paths, as well as lots of new villas by the golf course, andmore brilliant restaurants have opened up. If you like traditional Spanish tapas at Spanish prices then El Capitan is the place to be! The resort has a mixture of restaurants for different tastes and budgets. Some restaurants are so popular that you need to either reserve a table in advance or queue at the door.

My favourite place to eat

One of my favourite restaurants is called 15. The concept is that there are 15 main dishes, the least popular drop off the menu and are replaced. The best desert is the lemon meringue, which is freshly made by a British lady living on the island. The meringue is so good, I always ring ahead and reserve a piece!! If we come to Fuerteventura for a 2 week holiday this restaurant is visited at least twice! The restaurant was based in another town on the island, but moved to Caleta around 4 years ago and has been a bit. It opened occupying a small space but quickly doubled in size due to its popularity.


Exploring the Island

It is worth hiring a car to explore the island. There are some beautiful long and wide beaches in the south, and to the north the famous sand dunes are a must. The sand dunes of Corralejo are beautiful, and are part of a national natural park that is protected. The great thing is that you can drive through them, it is easy to park up and walk across them down to the beach. The dunes are so empty in some places that you can sit on your own really peacefully. If you make your way up to Corralejo town you can catch the ferry to Lanzarote. I am less of a fan of Corralejo as it is quite commercialised.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Cofete beach

The south, near Costa Calma, is a little warmer and boasts long, wide beaches, which are really popular for water sports enthusiasts such as wind surfing. The area is also popular for flying kites. If you are a bit more daring the mountain roads are great; there is some amazing scenery. Some of the roads are quite narrow and they are very windy, but well worth it when you get to the top to admire the wonderful views.